-Interviews & Guests All star guests of Creature Features. Star Wars cast interviews. Star Trek II cast interviews. Robert Bloch as John's guest. Chuck Norris interview. Leonard Nimoy visits Creature Features.
- Specials Private Eye Night. Creature from the Black Lagoon show. Bug Eyed Monsters show. New York stake skit. Bad Seed skit. The IRS Lady meets the Werewolf. John visits the Hee-Haw set.
- Mini-movies "The Stanley Cage", "Return of the Channel 2 Dragon", "The Mummy Rises", "Meeting at Morningside" (Phantasm), "Adventure of the Persian Slipper", "Little Shop of Murders" & "Attack of the
Killer Scarecrow ( 2-parter). "Revenge of the
Channel 2 Dragon"
- Highlights John visits Universal Studios and the Psycho house. John gives plenty of insight on the making of the show. Lots of Creature Features show clips and previews.

(115 minutes)
John Stanley on the Loose DVD
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Quality: Good
Number of Discs: 1
Video: Color
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