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If you are a horror film fanatic, you have spent years watching any film of the genre you can put your grimy paws on. You have bought bootlegs off the internet and traded movies with friends who are as obsessive as yourself. You sit through hours and hours of bad films just to discover that rare gem of a film that has something that gives you the fix you need for just a little while until you have to start looking again. You discovered many of your favorite films this way. You have also unearthed strange films that left you thinking, "Who the hell made this?" And, "I want to see more!" For "The Rock's" films this was a question that had to be answered.

Who is "The Rock" and why is he the Ed Wood of the 21st century? David "The Rock" Nelson is a folk artist. He started making his home-brew horror films in 1991. His canvas is his life, his brush is an inexpensive video camera and his subjects are the horror films he loved from his youth. His finished works are just what you would expect from his actors and tools. He stars in his films and fills out the rest of the cast with friends and family. He edits on two VCRs and uses a decades-old Radio Shack title machine for special effects. He has directed over 20 features and more than 30 short horror films. He is like Ed Wood in more than the quality of his productions; he has the same sort of vision and is driven to make his films even if nobody cares to watch them.

He is a complex and eccentric personality, and that is the magic to his films. A former Marine, Golden Gloves Boxer, and natural body builder, David is deeply religious but dropped out of Bible College to pursue his dreams. He has been a street preacher and a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. He is self-admittedly crazy, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone that has spent some time talking with David to disagree with his prognosis. Well into his 50's, David lives with his mom, dad, brother, and sister in Des Plaines, Illinois. He got to choose the basement for his room.

Take a trip into the life, opinions, and philosophies of "The Rock." You are going to laugh, but you are also going to be treated to an exceptionally human artist. We are blessed to get to know him at all. So as David says, "Sit back, guzzle some brewskies, and get a piece of "The Rock!"

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Number of Discs: 2 Documentary and Feature Werewolf and the Witch
Run Time: Over 4 hours
Video: Color
Region: Region 0 encoding; Can be played worldwide, NTSC-format.