Martin and Pollock Soundtrack CD
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Martin and Pollock Soundtrack CD


CD features two scores by the multi-talented Donald Rubinstein: the re-release of the long out-of-print score from George Romero's cult classic vampire movie "Martin" from 1979. The content of this score is the same as the previous two releases, but in much better sound quality.

The CD is completed by Donald's rejected music to Ed Harris' directorial debut "Pollock" (2000). This is the score that was recorded by Donald for the film, but not used in the final cut for reasons explained in detail in the extensive liner notes by film music authority Daniel Schweiger

1. The Calling/Main Title
2. Train Attack
3. Phased
4. Tata Cuda's House
5. Martin at the Butcher Shop
6. Antique Chase wit Villagers
7. Garlic Chase #6
8. Martin Goes to the City
9. Christina Leaves
10. Halloween
11. Modern Vamp
12. Chant
13. The Calling
14. Braddock/Chase
15. Back to Me
16. Crawling Sequence
17. Martin Martin Martin
18. Marie Interlude
19. Evocation
20. Fly By Night
21. Exorcism/Classic Funk
22. Stake, Well Done!
23. Pollock: Art Opening
24. Pollock: Painting on Canvas
25. Pollock: Pollock Blue
26. Pollock: Walking the Streets
27. Pollock: Blurring the Scream
28. Pollock: Empty Heart
29. Pollock: After the Art
30. Pollock: Snow Walk
31. Pollock: Rendition of Privacy
32. Pollock: Along Corridors
33. Pollock: Working the Mood
34. Pollock: Thought Provoked
35. Pollock: Sketches For Pollock #2
36. Pollock: Sketches For Pollock #1

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