Mutant Soundtrack CD
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Mutant Soundtrack CD


This release contains the complete score to the cult horror movie as it was originally intended by composer Richard Band. In addition to these 14 new tracks, it also features six previously unreleased Main Titles from other Richard Band composed films.

1. Main Title
2. The Drunk Gets It
3. Is He Dead?
4. Will Finds Yellow Goop
5. The Canister
6. Sinister Shadows
7. Mike's Death
8. Walking Montage
9. The Missing Blood
10. The Missing Blood (alt.)
11. Billy Gets It!
12. Will Goes Out On A Limb
13. Inside The Mitchell House
14. No More Booze
15. Josh And Holly
16. Will's Past
17. Vic's Transformation
18. Search For New Era
19. Holly To The Rescue
20. Jack Attacks Holly
21. At The Clinic
22. Mutant Attack
23. Josh Finds Mike
24. Penelope
25. Josh & Holly Escape
26. Car Attack/Escape
27. Run For Cover
28. Inside The Storage Room
29. Well, Well, Well
30. Albert Attacks Holly
31. Mutant Onslaught & Finale
32. End Title
Bonus Tracks:
33. Silvergleam Express: Main Title
34. Demonic Toys: Main Title
35. Seedpeople: Main Title
36. Zarkorr: Main Title
37. Blood Dolls: Main Title
38. Hideous: Main Title
39. Head Of The Family: Main Title

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