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Hobgoblin Nosferatu CD Digipak
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Hobgoblin Nosferatu CD

Hobgoblin’s freshmen release as a soundtrack band. We are excited to release Nosferatu A Symphony of Horror! 15 tracks of chills, thrills, love songs, and even some happy go lucky fare.

The band is a sort of homage to the great Italian progressive rock band Goblin, who scored some of our favorite horror films. An inspiration but we have our own style to unleash into the Hollywood blood factory. And why not start with painting some ghoulish sound onto Nosferatu?

1. Nosferatu A Symphony of Horror
2. Bringing Out the Dead Remix
3. Insane Thrall Renfield Theme
4. Victims Dance
5. Van Helsing Science
6. Blood Infected
7. Count Orlok
8. Love Never Dies Nina Theme
9. Bringing Out the Dead
10. The Vampire Theme
11. Sunlight Hurts
12. The Pawn Harker Theme
13. Creatures of the Night
14. Count Orlok Remix
15. Demonic Monks

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