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HobGoblin The Cabinet of Dr Caligari CD Digipak
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HobGoblin The Cabinet of Dr Caligari CD


HobGoblin have finished their sophomore effort after last year's "Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horrors" soundtrack. The band has grown and learned a ton form the first release. This time they tackle the impressionistic German silent horror classic "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." It features 13 new tracks of music, almost an hour of sonic shadows. Started in April of 2010, the new soundtrack took almost exactly one year to complete, and again will be released as a "full sound" DVD and standalone CD. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a bit more industrial and, dare I say, you might find some heavy trance moments tucked inside as well. But that is the nature of the film and we wanted to complement it while doing something new as well. Why this film? It was a natural progression from "Nosferatu" and a new challenge for HobGoblin.

1. Holstenwall Insane Asylum (3:45)
2. Meet the Doctor (2:44)
3. The Dark Carnival (2:40)
4. The Blood on Cesare's Hands (4:34)
5. The Blade in Alan (4:22)
6. Copycat Killer (4:39)
7. The Spider and the Fly (4:52)
8. Jane is Kidnapped (6:08)
9. Distract Francis (It's a Dummy) (4:32)
10. Dr. Caligari's Office (2:12)
11. The Somnambulist (4:17)
12. Slipping into Insanity (4:24)
13. Cesare Resurrected (7:40)

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