Sacrilege B.C. descended upon the 80's Bay Area thrash scene like a napalm death strike...and disappeared in a cloud of booze and brimstone just as their name was finally drawing international attention. Perhaps they were just too unbridled for the headbangers and too shredding for the punks (both guitarists were trained by Joe Satriani and they were known to encore with 'Love Gun' by Kiss). During the industry feeding-frenzy to sign the "next big thrash band" it was inevitable that this quintet of teen hellraisers out to have a good time would simply fly under the radar and, unlike many of their East Bay peers, Sacrilege B.C. was clearly unhindered by lofty musical career goals. They thank beer on the credits of their debut LP. Twice. Oddly enough, the raw energy and D.I.Y. approach that probably resulted in Sacrilege B.C.'s premature burial is exactly what has aged these songs so well and this reissue slides nicely into the annals of speed somewhere between Possessed and Cryptic Slaughter. Sacrilege B.C. initially emerged in 1983 with the hulking Strephon Taylor providing his unique rapid-fire rasp and Tim Howell swinging the 6-string axe (incidentally Strephon & Tim continue to jam together after all these years in their new band SLOB). By 1984 they had recruited Matt Filmore on drums, Gary Wendt on guitar, and Musashi "Moose" Lethridge on bass and this line-up recorded two demos before "Moose" was replaced by Sean Smithson for the 1986 ‘Party With God’ recording (over the years they would replace bass players in Spinal Tap fashion). As if to further doom their own legacy, they also unknowingly shared monikers with a certain band of Birmingham crust-thrashers who were gaining in popularity just as they signed to Alchemy Records. In an effort to assert their own identity they added "B.C." to their name- for "Berkeley, California" (among other inside jokes)- but the band would inevitably be referenced as the other Sacrilege. With this re-issue 'Party With God' finally emerges from obscurity as an overlooked mid-80's classic and a raging thrashterpiece that delivers in spades on the promise of TRUE metal/punk crossover! From the opening drum-roll belch of 'Azmeroth'’ this fucker grabs you by the flannel and doesn't let up until you're ‘Victimized' and dead on the floor! If you're not stagediving off the kitchen table by the second verse of 'Fun With Napalm' you should check your pulse (and start listening to disco again). 'Skinned Alive' condemns cruel seal hunters to hell, an unusual stance for a bunch of beer-drooling delinquents, AND kicks speed metal ass with dueling squeal-like-a-pig solos. 'Judge Death' is a blitzkrieg rant that barely comes up for air during the skank breakdown before launching into a tongue-tying finale (and it's about Judge Death!). And then there's the scream-along gang chorus of 'Death Toll' and moshpit-pleaser 'Crucified'. ‘Party With God’ rips and it's about time these forgotten grenades of adolescent aggression were dusted off, re-mastered, and reintroduced to a new generation. No one is safe from the shrapnel spray that is Sacrilege B.C.! Let’s hear it for the other Sacrilege…

Dennis Dread (2008)

Every now and then you may encounter an album where already the first couple of minutes is enough to blow the cobwebs off your head for good. This is truly the case with Sacrilege B.C. and Party With God, one of the genuine examples of ultra-fast thrash metal with no holds barred. Quite honestly, this is some of the fastest stuff you can hope to find without crossing over to blatant hardcore, even comparable to Slayer's Reign In Blood or Dark Angel's Darkness Descends although not quite as deadly accurate. Sacrilege B.C. took their frantic approach to such absolute extreme that it's almost surprising the result doesn't just fall apart due to the sheer speed going over all limits. Miraculously, everything from rapid-fire drumming to lightning fast guitar solos sticks together. There's some special appeal in Party With God that you can rarely find elsewhere. -

O.K., kiddies, take off yer Slayer shirts, for soon they will be replaced by the Bay Area's speedcore thrash metal demolition team of Sacrilege B.C. These guys wail it up, raging warfare and pounding on your brain as the humming, speedy guitar notes echo in your mind. Fast, quick, annihilating, frantic, bombastic, non-hesitating-whichever way you want to put it, Sacrilege B.C.'s weapon is loaded and firing mayhemic ammunition everywhere. It's a clamorous treat for you bangmongers. A thunderous storm of heavy bellicose power, that is pumped up and richly textured by a deep howling vocalist whose words soar outward with tongue-lashing intent. Barbaric guitar rawness bulldozes with strong jolts and devastating blows, glistening with forceful, metallic chills and continuous hardcore speed drills. The licks here are tight and electric with a flair for laughing mayhem. Chord after chord, the kerranging never stops. Sacrilege B.C.'s debut LP Party With God will thrust the thrash hammer down upon the brutal speed metal nail. - July 1987 installment of Puszone

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